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The youngest Dragon Queen to ever assume the mantle. Hatched a whole day after her mother passed away and the only hatchling to have enough fire to survive, she has lived her life almost always alone. In spite of this she is extremely friendly and has cultivated a few friendships among the people of Arskya.

All Dragons can do magic but hers seems to be particularly strong if untrained. Her favorite skill is shapeshifting which she does with complete ease. Technically, she is the ruler of all of Arskya but she has never been one to care much for power.

Like all Dragons Valaneth has a hoard of things she finds most precious in all the world. It's a myth that Dragons only care for gold and jewels, in fact many dragons have hoards of things some people would find useless or even frivolous. Valaneth hoards all things bed. Mattresses, blankets, pillows, duvets and comforters all get placed in her precious collection.

The Cat

The cat is an usually large fluffy cat, that just appeared one day outside the cavern on Aerie mountain. His coloring suggests a more northern climate of origin, but who knows with cats. Otherwise, not much is known about the cat. Where did it come from? From whence did it go? Who will ever know. We can't even figure out how much is fluff and how much is cat.

Sir Emilia Martin

Sir Martin's great-great-great-grandfather was given the distinction of being the first person from Goose Down Village of ever being knighted. The Dragon Queen of that time felt the humans in the burgeoning village (there were about ten people then) should have some law and order about the place.

Sir Martin is the latest in the Martin lineage to be the knight of Goose Down Village. She has only been on the job for ten years and was knighted by Queen Valaneth herself. It was her first knighting and she was very nervous about it. After some key affirmations from the youngest Martin, the Queen and Sir Emilia became fast friends.