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In the beginning...

There is a lot of information to learn about the world!

Comic transcript

Panel 1: Mountain Range with small village at the base. The Village has a single store "Beds and More Store", a bell tower and two smaller houses. A river flows from the closest mountain behind the village. A small forest extends up the nearest mountain obscuring part of a mountain path that leads to a ledge in front of a brick lined opening.

Caption 1: Aerie Mountain. Home of the soon-to-be Dragon Queen,Valaneth.

Caption 2: It was here that ten thousand years ago, The Land of Arskya was unified under the first Dragon Queen. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Dragons were united under a single banner to push back the evil fae invaders. Since then the lands have been ruled by the decedents of that first Queen. Only the most compassionate and competent have carried the title.

Caption 3: Arskya was thrown into disarray a century ago when the previous Queen only had one egg, then died mysteriously before her only child's shell even cracked. Leaderless, the races have drifted apart over the one hundred years it has taken for Queen Valaneth to reach Maturity. With only six months until her hatching day coronation, the unrest is coming to a head.

Panel 2: A dark skinned woman knight stands on the ledge holding an empty oats bag upside down. Next to her is her pony looking expectantly at the bag. It has a purple saddle blanket and brown leather saddle and bridle. A large grey cat sits on a pole to the left of the panel.

Caption 1: Sir Emilia Martin, Valaneth's friend and representative among humans, has come to bring her news that will shake the very foundation of Arskya

SIR MARTIN:Out of Oats. *Tch* She didn't check her post, I bet. I hope this doesn't mean cold tea, too.

Caption 2: That wasn't it.

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