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Finally Meeting the Queen!

I have got to find a way to learn to do these faster...or give up and go back to just painting everything by hand. Ha!! I think I'm having a little too much fun with all the textures.

Belle Dragon

Comic transcript

PANEL 1: Sir Martin is walking down a hallway carved out of the granite. We see the mouth of the cave over her shoulder where Buttercup is tied to a convenient post chewing on grass. The fluffy cat is sitting in front of her.

SIR MARTIN 1. Be good Buttercup.

PANEL 2: A huge door with an round iron door handle. Sir Martin barely comes up to the door handle but instead of trying to open the massive door she just knocks. 2. SFX: KNOCK, KNOCK SIR MARTIN 3. Queen Valaneth? Are you in?

PANEL 3: The door opens by magic to reveal the inside of the cavern-partment. There is a kitchen that can be seen in the distance. A reading alcove with a couch and bookshelves. An over stuffed Desk sits in the foreground with lots of unanswered mail. Our Queen is leaning out of the bathroom door into an open antechamber with pot lights. Valaneth is in a giant fuzzy pink robe and slippers.

VALANETH 4. Come, Iiiiinnnn! (Sfx: music notes)

SIR MARTIN 5. Is this a bad time?

PANEL 4: Valaneth looks embarrassed, both hands over her muzzle.

VALANETH 6. Sir Martin! Oh, I'm so sorry! How rude of me!

PANEL 4: Valaneth changes form to a gorgeous fat black human woman in a shift type dress, in a huge puff of purple-y smoke. Sir Martin Protests the change. Smoke clings to her as she appears human. VALANETH 7. I'll get human, just a tic...

SIR MARTIN 8. (no bubble) It's ok...really!

VALANETH 9. Tea? It's hot!

SIR MARTIN: 10. Yes! Please!

END page 2

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