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The Story So Far

The lands of Arskia are populated by many different people. The magical Elves, the skillful Humans, The talented Dwarves and many other races and groups make up the many kingdoms ruled and protected by the ancient race of Dragons. The metallic dragon flights have sworn to protect the people from outside threats and rule the people fairly so that all may live in peace. The council of dragons led by a powerful Dragon Queen have ruled from atop the Aerie mountains for a millennia.

Then 100 years ago on the eve of the new dragon hatching, the venerable Dragon Queen, Valoriana, died. Her successor arrived a day later. The only hatchling to survive. A purple metallic dragon, Valaneth.

For almost 100 years the dragon council has tried to raise this poor little dragonling, bouncing her from member to member and they have found her to be impossible to deal with. She is compassionate, friendly, caring, nice even, but there doesn't seem to be an ounce of leadership anywhere in her. For the last 10 years, Valaneth has lived alone, to get used to living like a "proper" Dragon. She hasn't taken to it easily making frequent trips to the nearby human capital for company. The council is hoping that that sort of thing will stop after she is coronated on her hatching day.

But something has been brewing since the old Queen died. Fights are breaking out across the land, the people are drawing lines and all hell could be just about to break loose. Without the leadership of the Dragons, all of civilization could fall apart. That's not too much for one teenage Dragon Queen to handle, is it?