Want to get custom artwork? Use the contact form to send me an email request! I will put on the iCal feed when commissions are available, when the slots are gone, then you have to wait until next time. Use the fee schedule below to get an idea of your commission cost.

Ask about different sizes, art mediums and styles!

Commissioning the Artist:

  1. Use the contact list or email me at belle@catdragoncomics.com
  2. Send references and give me a paragraph or two about what you want your piece to be about or to have in it. I will let you know if that’s in my range and we will agree on a price.
  3. I will send you a contract for the work and an invoice for %50 of the price of the artwork, due 3 days after you receive the invoice.
  4. When the invoice is paid I will begin work on sketches.
  5. After you approve the sketches (they will be watermarked) then I will let you know the time frame you can expect the artwork in.
  6. The final invoice will be sent when the artwork is done. As soon as you pay the final invoice, it will be in the mail within 24 hours barring unforeseen circumstances.

Please note that one revision in the sketch phase is free, after that they are $10 per revision. Also  I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time and the upfront fee (50% of the total) will be kept by the artist in the event of a cancellation by either the artist or the client.