Gearing up for Heroes Con and Spell.Hex

I’ll be spending this next two weeks trying to get the comic finished and getting ready for HeroesCon in Charlotte NC, June 15-17! MomoCon was a blast and I met some really amazing people! I really hope I’m able to get a table next year so I can save my aching feet. 4.5 miles a day is exhausting!

I’m taking commissions for pickup at Heroes Con as well, I only have three slots open at the 5×7 to 9×12 size range so get it while the getting is good. You can get a commission at HeroesCon for next day pickup through the con, however I don’t do heavy detail for at con pickup, that’s why it costs less.

I’m switching off of Patreon to Ko-Fi as it’s easier for me to keep updated and it works better for me. I prefer to offer the option of one off donations as well as subscriptions. I should be completely changed over by August.

Spell.Hex will be coming out after I finish the first issue. Page at a time online and available as a zine or PDF for $3.00. More details to come! Time to get to work!