Moving right along into fall…

Sorry about how long it’s been between posts. It took me a long time to recover from July and I’ve had to do weekly physical therapy to get my shoulder back to where I was before I tore it. I’ve had to spend a lot of money getting my workspace reorganized and replaced my old set up with a new ergonomic art board and have had to make sure I’m changing my posture when I draw, taking more breaks and overall just doing less. Which is incredibly frustrating. Work is getting done! Slowly, ever so slowly, but done. New art cards are getting done to start with, and I have a few zines in the works that should be done by next month.

When you’re young you can just rush at the work head on and just push through. I’m older now and I have to sidle up to it and bash it over the head when it isn’t looking. Using my old age and treachery like a rogue uses stealth, taking on the enemy one at a time until everything is finally conquered.

Right now I’m trying to reform the habit of just getting things done. A fertile imagination and a touch of the ADHD means that I too frequently take on too much and then only finish a little bit or what is more frequent, none of my projects.

I’m starting with art cards.

Next will be a few mini zines.

Then by HallowCon I should be back up and running and able to do commissions at the Con.

But I have to take it slow, little bit at a time, get done what I can get done, try not to beat myself up for being older and ill.

Thanks everyone who has extended their kindness to me. It makes it so much easier to carry on.


Come see me at these conventions:

 Atlanta Comic Convention October, 7th

HallowCon October, 26-28th