Spell.Hex Delayed

Ok, so here’s the deal. Due to health problems this month I’m going to have to push back the premier date of Spell.Hex. Everyone who signed up for the Newsletter will still get the promo comic for free, not to worry and it’s still going to be a webcomic. However, I have to refocus and get myself healthier before I can get the comic out. I will still be at Outlanta Con May 11th-13th, but I may not have as many awesome things to sell as I was hoping. Print deadlines suck, a lot.

Thanks everyone for your patience and I hope to start pumping out artwork soonish.

If you want to watch me work I do stream on Picarto.tv and Twitch.tv  so you can watch me do the digital finishing on my artwork or maybe even glimpse the rare fully digital work. I don’t have a set up for speed paints yet but let me know on twitter or facebook if you’d like to see them. I take tips on both! If you want more direct rewards then check out my Patreon! I put out a weekly schedule of streaming and post in progress art and you can get discounts to my Store! By the way I also have an Etsy store if y0u prefer to use PayPal or just like Etsy.

New merchandise for Outlanta Con will be announced on my Patreon first and then after the Convention they’ll be available on my stores, I have some awesome pin back buttons, stickers, magnets, bookmarks, greeting cards, art prints and keychains getting made and a few handmade art items as well!

I think I might have solved the mystery of why I’ve had bad health days. LOL

Thanks so much for sticking around good stuff coming soon!

Belle Dragon