The Cat Dragon Comics website is A-LIVE! Muahaha!


So, I finally finished the website. Looks pretty good. I like it. It feels like home. Well, homepage.

Lots of exciting stuff on here! I have an upcoming events calendar where you can find out what awesome things I’m doing. I’ll be opening commissions up soon after March, 4th. Which is going to be my first convention.

Psst, did you know I’m working a convention, my FIRST convention as a Artist Alley artist? I am!

Come see me March 3rd & 4th at N. Dekalb Mall for The Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy EXPO! I have gorgeous art prints to sell, you can also find them on my store, and I’ll be doing commissions and sketches. I can’t wait to talk to everyone about my new comic project! I’m so excited!

More convention updates as they come in!

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Remember to be Awesome!

Belle Dragon