Updated Artist Alley and Personal Update

Warning: This contains a lot about me so skip it if you want.

This month has been a real rollercoaster. I had such an unbelievably good time at The Atlanta Sci-Fi Expo, that I booked more conventions this year and I’ve been upgrading my table which is awesome! I have new original art, more prints coming, buttons and stickers all good stuff! However, the comic has been delayed because of a few personal things going on. Some people may know this and I don’t really hide it but I’m Type I diabetic and have Hyperthyroidism. This means that on the good side I have a very manageable condition and with a few basic medications I live mostly normally. On the other hand this is an expensive chronic condition that takes huge amounts of my time to manage.

Practically, what this means as a comic artist that writes, draws, colors and letters her own comics is that any massive shift in my medical condition can lead to missed days and delays. This month due to a ton of personal stress and few choice mixups with my Doctor and Pharmacy, I’m having one of those massive shifts. I don’t think that this means permanent delay or anything, just a few days off my deadline. It still sucks.

I hope everyone can understand that I’m still committed to bringing my comics to life but that my health and family have to come first.

On the bright side, I have some awesome changes to my convention schedule this year:
OutlantaCon– 5/11, 5/12, 5/13
Heroes Con– 6/15, 6/16, 6/17

Still more to come! Check the calendar on the side bar for upcoming conventions.

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